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Hot off the press

Our first articles came off the line at our contract manufacturer this week (this is a small run of electronics that lets us confirm the operation of the units before the full build is complete). The only hiccup was that one of the components was not populated. The root cause was a glitch in the software that our contract manufacturer used to check our Bill of Materials against their build manifest. Thankfully Steve is a whiz-bang at all things electrical and caught this on visual inspection. After some quick soldering the boards programmed and tested okay and Steve provided the official nod to proceed with the full build. So in about a week a big box will show up at our office containing the guts of 1,000 Signuls!

Here’s an action shot of Steve programming the first production Signul. He’ll appreciate me mentioning that the first revision of his custom test board was also fully operational.



Progress report – this one is a pretty big deal!

As of this morning we’ve booked our certification testing! We’ll be doing an FCC pre-scan in early January at QAI who are just down the road from us in Pitt Meadows (that’s a suburb of Vancouver for those of you who do not live in the Metro area). If the results are good we’ll continue on with full FCC/CE certification testing in the following days. If the results are bad we’ll rush back to the IoT Design Shop lab to figure out what went wrong. We did a pre-scan on an old rev of the Signul hardware, and nothing has changed significantly, so we’re confident there won’t be any issues. There’s a bit of firmware work to do on our part before the testing so we’ll be plugging away at that over the holiday break. There will most likely be some eggnog involved.

We’ve also selected a partner, Colpitts Design, to work with on our plastics. They’ll start by correcting all of the flaws in our mechanical design (well, our model was designed for 3D printing so they are actually optimizations) and then produce prototypes for assessment. If those are good we’ll move on to tooling, test shots and manufacturing. We’re sure it’ll be that simple and that there won’t be any roadblocks along the way. Right. What’s super cool about all this is that Colpitts are based in Southern Ontario meaning all of our plastics work, from model revision to manufacturing, will be done onshore.

This is definitely a milestone moment for Signul as these items are what we set out to fund through our Indiegogo campaign. But with that sense of accomplishment comes the realization of how much work we still have ahead of us.

That’s all for now!

Welcome to the Signul blog!

Welcome to the Signul blog! This is where you’ll be able to stay up to date on the goings on of Signul as we take the product from successfully crowdfunded to production. The topics and authors will vary depending on what happens during a given week, but we hope that regardless of what the content is you’ll find it both informative and entertaining. I guess what I’m saying is please don’t lose interest if we write about packing boxes one week instead of RF certification testing. Unfortunately not everything is as exciting as packing boxes. Our goal to post at least once a week, but realistically the frequency will be higher or lower depending on what is going on in Signul land.

We’re really hoping our supporters will play a large role in the blog. Let us know if you want us to dive into more detail on a topic or even if there’s something we haven’t talked about that you’d like us to. The whole purpose of the blog is to keep building on the momentum of our Indiegogo campaign and to continue to get your feedback and ideas for the product.

Signul is also available for pre-order on Grand St, so if you want a Signul and didn’t have a chance to back us during the campaign you can still get one. You can also get more if you did back the campaign.

Thanks for stopping by and look for more in the coming weeks!


Graham and the team at IoT Design Shop, a.k.a. the people who developed Signul.