The SIGNUL Beacon Channel is Live on IFTTT!


We are extremely excited to announce that the SIGNUL Beacon Channel has officially launched on IFTTT!

IFTTT (If This Then That) integration was, far and above, the most frequently requested feature during the inception of SIGNUL. We were very fortunate to get the opportunity to create an early release Beta channel thanks to the great folks at IFTTT. Today, we’re proud to be able to share that channel, along with some of our favourite IFTTT recipes for everyone to use.

How does SIGNUL work with IFTTT?

First of all, a quick IFTTT refresher. IFTTT is based on a very simple formula called a “recipe”. It looks like this:



Our SIGNUL channel allows you to use SIGNUL Enter/Exit Zone Events as the Trigger in your IFTTT recipes:

IfSignulPretty cool – now, you are triggering simply off the presence of your smartphone (which likely means your presence, if your phone is tied at the hip the way ours are).

From there, the possibilities become very exciting! IFTTT ties together literally hundreds of services which span everything from social, to home automation, Google Drive, and more.


How Physical Context Can Streamline Your Digital World

In our opinion, the most exciting part of all this is the ability to influence your digital world simply based on your physical context. This can be a bit tricky to digest at first, but once you think about some of your day-to-day routines, the applications become apparent, and extremely relevant.

Here are a few of our favourite recipes and what we use them for:

Slack – Check Ins

IFTTT Recipe: Let Slack know when you've arrived at work connects signul-beacon to slack  Slack has changed the way teams collaborate and enabled a paradigm shift in effective remote communication. We use SIGNUL + IFTTT to automatically post arrival and departure messages to our Slack channels so that we know when folks are actually at the keys.

Twitter – Messaging

IFTTT Recipe: Send a Twitter DM when you're leaving work connects signul-beacon to twitter

Tweeting is an incredibly versatile action. Ranging from everything to posting a daily update, or sending a DM to a friend when you leave work, Twitter benefits greatly from context changes like arriving at work, leaving work, getting home, getting to the gym and more.

 Google Drive – Timesheets

IFTTT Recipe: Update My Timesheet When I Leave Work connects signul-beacon to google-drive

Maybe you’re trying to get more from your day, or maybe you need employees to check in and check out for billing. Integration with Google Drive, and Sheets in particular, can create automated time tracking and check-in/check-out systems using SIGNUL+IFTTT. This has been a very popular integration for many of our early commercial users.

Home Automation

 IFTTT Recipe: Turn on your Nest Thermostat when you leave work connects signul-beacon to nest-thermostat

IFTTT Recipe: Turn your lights on as you arrive home connects signul-beacon to smartthings

During the Indiegogo campaign for SIGNUL, we heard one message loud and clear – people saw a lot of great applications for SIGNUL and control of their home automation products. IFTTT is the ideal platform for this bridge between the physical and digital world because most of the world’s top home automation providers have created IFTTT channels for controlling their products.


We’re extremely excited to see what automation people can enable using SIGNUL+IFTTT and hope to see amazing things that were not possible before. Smartphone as presence is a very powerful concept in home automation.


Wrap Up

We’ve just scratched the surface here with our initial introduction. We sincerely hope you are as excited as we are, and can only imagine some of the creations that will be possible once everyone starts to harness the power of the SIGNUL Channel.

Please keep us posted, share your cool recipes, and let us know what you have wired up. Happy IFTTT’ing everyone!


One thought on “The SIGNUL Beacon Channel is Live on IFTTT!”

  1. Can you solve this scenario. Dad likes the temperature at 75degrees, Wife likes 65. Two separate thermostats, one in front area (zone) of home and the second in back (bedroom). When Dad is in a zone, set temperature to 75. When wife is in a zone set temperature to 65. When both in zone together, set temperature to 70. Does your product require them to carry signul, or both have to have app enabled phones? Many multiple partner households would benefit from ability to automatically adjust based upon which occupants and combo’s therof are in a specific zone.

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