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Form Factor Release Candidate

A Cut Away SIGNUL Form Factor Test

A Cut Away SIGNUL Form Factor Test

We’re excited! The SIGNUL form-factor has been promoted to release-candidate 1.0 and is headed over to our plastics partners at Colpitts Design to be prepared for injection moulding!

While it has been a labor of love for us, it’s also amazing just how much work and iteration goes into even a relatively simple design. We estimate that we’ve done around 20 major design revisions and have 3D printed over 100 different variations on the SIGNUL design since we began the process.

We’re very happy with the result, and the process has also given us a bunch of ideas for future form factors for SIGNUL. We think there’s a very exciting roadmap ahead.

A Stack of Iterations

A Stack of Iterations

Those of you that backed our Indiegogo campaign and purchased the 3D printed SIGNUL proofs will be receiving shipments very soon. Thanks for your patience and contribution to the process of building SIGNUL!

Progress report – this one is a pretty big deal!

As of this morning we’ve booked our certification testing! We’ll be doing an FCC pre-scan in early January at QAI who are just down the road from us in Pitt Meadows (that’s a suburb of Vancouver for those of you who do not live in the Metro area). If the results are good we’ll continue on with full FCC/CE certification testing in the following days. If the results are bad we’ll rush back to the IoT Design Shop lab to figure out what went wrong. We did a pre-scan on an old rev of the Signul hardware, and nothing has changed significantly, so we’re confident there won’t be any issues. There’s a bit of firmware work to do on our part before the testing so we’ll be plugging away at that over the holiday break. There will most likely be some eggnog involved.

We’ve also selected a partner, Colpitts Design, to work with on our plastics. They’ll start by correcting all of the flaws in our mechanical design (well, our model was designed for 3D printing so they are actually optimizations) and then produce prototypes for assessment. If those are good we’ll move on to tooling, test shots and manufacturing. We’re sure it’ll be that simple and that there won’t be any roadblocks along the way. Right. What’s super cool about all this is that Colpitts are based in Southern Ontario meaning all of our plastics work, from model revision to manufacturing, will be done onshore.

This is definitely a milestone moment for Signul as these items are what we set out to fund through our Indiegogo campaign. But with that sense of accomplishment comes the realization of how much work we still have ahead of us.

That’s all for now!

Signul Updates – CNC Prototyping

Hey everyone – fast and furious over here!

We’ve rounded the corner into focusing on our plastics and prep work for the SIGNUL form factor. The goal is to make a high quality, durable case for SIGNUL beacons that doesn’t cost an excessive amount to produce. As we expected, there are challenges and compromises to be made, but things are progressing nicely.

CNC Prototyping

CNC Prototyping

The shot above is our “Shopbot CAM” which we’ve got trained on our CNC machine which is being used to develop functioning prototypes of the enclosures. For those of you that selected the proof enclosures as an Indiegogo perk – they’re coming! On track for Jan 2015.

3D printing of the early perks is also still progressing. We’ve been challenging our Flash Forge’s and Makerbots to produce, and they have been cranking away on beacon enclosures at least 12 hours a day. The next batch will be shipping next week, so keep an eye on your mailbox!