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Hot off the press

Our first articles came off the line at our contract manufacturer this week (this is a small run of electronics that lets us confirm the operation of the units before the full build is complete). The only hiccup was that one of the components was not populated. The root cause was a glitch in the software that our contract manufacturer used to check our Bill of Materials against their build manifest. Thankfully Steve is a whiz-bang at all things electrical and caught this on visual inspection. After some quick soldering the boards programmed and tested okay and Steve provided the official nod to proceed with the full build. So in about a week a big box will show up at our office containing the guts of 1,000 Signuls!

Here’s an action shot of Steve programming the first production Signul. He’ll appreciate me mentioning that the first revision of his custom test board was also fully operational.



Let the programming begin…..

Uploading SIGNUL firmware onto the IoT Core

Uploading SIGNUL firmware onto the IoT Core

SIGNUL is based on the IoT Core, which is a Bluetooth Low Energy module developed by our team at the IoT Design Shop.

We’ve built custom iBeacon firmware for our board which also carries the ‘SIGNUL protocol’ which allows us to embed extra metadata to enhance the user experience in the SIGNUL App by providing a more automated detection and setup system.

Today, we began programming all the boards for the 3D printed perks which will be shipping soon!