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Photos of Assembly and Shipping


Many apologies for the lack of updates recently – we’ve been heads down wrapping up the final phase of production, and are very excited to say that we’ve just shipped out the first batch of SIGNULs.

The rest are following shortly behind before the end of the week. Thanks again for your support and patience. We’re working hard to get everything boxed and delivered ASAP over here.

Programming SIGNUL's with our batch programmer

Programming SIGNUL’s with our batch programmer


All 3 SIGNUL colours, pre-assembly.

All 3 SIGNUL colours, pre-assembly.


Boxed and Ready to Go

Boxed and Ready to Go


The build table (Yes, these are hand-built)

The assembly table (Yes, this part is done by hand)


Ready for Canada Post to Pick Up!

Ready for Canada Post to Pick Up!





Plastics Update

Lots of interesting stuff going on in our design for manufacturing on the SIGNUL form factor. We’ve been working very hard to make SIGNUL an interesting and functional device that is something you will want to have on display at your home, or office!

Here’s a sneak peak at the latest iterations on design – hope you like the new lid!

Work in Progress

SIGNUL Lid – Work in Progress


Hot off the press

Our first articles came off the line at our contract manufacturer this week (this is a small run of electronics that lets us confirm the operation of the units before the full build is complete). The only hiccup was that one of the components was not populated. The root cause was a glitch in the software that our contract manufacturer used to check our Bill of Materials against their build manifest. Thankfully Steve is a whiz-bang at all things electrical and caught this on visual inspection. After some quick soldering the boards programmed and tested okay and Steve provided the official nod to proceed with the full build. So in about a week a big box will show up at our office containing the guts of 1,000 Signuls!

Here’s an action shot of Steve programming the first production Signul. He’ll appreciate me mentioning that the first revision of his custom test board was also fully operational.




The Very First Shipment

The Very First Shipment

Perks have begun to ship! We’ve started with the 3D Printed Early Release SIGNULS and SIGNUL Maker Kits. If you’re one of the early backers, keep an eye on your mailbox over the next couple weeks. Your SIGNULs should be arriving.

Production units are a little behind where we had hoped to be, but coming on for a very strong finish. We have an extremely exciting new form factor to unveil once it has been signed off on by our plastics partner. We anticipate production units to be available early to mid April. Stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime, we’ll keep cranking out the early perks. It feels great to ship these out to our backers!

Stack o' SIGNUL

Stack o’ SIGNUL

iOS Submission

Production SIGNUL Build

Production SIGNUL Build


Very excited to announce that our production build for iOS has been submitted to Apple for review. We have been submitting builds throughout the development process, but this is our first gold candidate that will be released to the public!

Android is only a few days behind, and we expect to have it on Google Play early next week as well.

This paves the way for us to start shipping hardware! We have our 3D printed perks on the shipping line, and will be sending those out this week. Our goal is to have them arrive just as the apps hit the App Store and Google Play so that our early backers can join with us in celebrating the first deliveries!


Form Factor Release Candidate

A Cut Away SIGNUL Form Factor Test

A Cut Away SIGNUL Form Factor Test

We’re excited! The SIGNUL form-factor has been promoted to release-candidate 1.0 and is headed over to our plastics partners at Colpitts Design to be prepared for injection moulding!

While it has been a labor of love for us, it’s also amazing just how much work and iteration goes into even a relatively simple design. We estimate that we’ve done around 20 major design revisions and have 3D printed over 100 different variations on the SIGNUL design since we began the process.

We’re very happy with the result, and the process has also given us a bunch of ideas for future form factors for SIGNUL. We think there’s a very exciting roadmap ahead.

A Stack of Iterations

A Stack of Iterations

Those of you that backed our Indiegogo campaign and purchased the 3D printed SIGNUL proofs will be receiving shipments very soon. Thanks for your patience and contribution to the process of building SIGNUL!

Super Deluxe SIGNUL App Preview

Some very exciting news today! We’re pleased to be able to release some sneak-preview shots from the release candidate of the SIGNUL iOS App. We’re super excited about it and hope that you are too!

As you know, SIGNUL is a Personal Beacon System. It allows you to streamline and simplify your daily digital life by automating common digital tasks based on your proximity to a SIGNUL. We’ve pulled together a bunch of screen shots and some explanations of how the system can be applied to automate events.




First things first, this screen shot shows the palette of tasks that SIGNUL can support. Messaging, Alerts, App Launch, Phone and Web Tasks are fairly straight forward (more about them below). Also, note that there is an Automation task, which can be configured to call a web service URL of your choice, and IFTTT (If This Then That) integration which allows you to connect to a whole host of API’s for things like home automation, Google Docs, Dropbox, SMS, Android functions, and more.


Messaging Functions

Let’s take a look at messaging – in the example below, we set up SIGNUL to automatically start a Tweet when we exit a SIGNUL zone. In this case, the beacon on our desk at work. When you leave work, your phone will prompt you to send the tweet. Confirm and go, or edit the tweet before it goes out. #niceandeasy

AppPreview6You can also see the other supported messaging targets – queue up an iMessage, post to Facebook, or start an email automatically when you enter or leave a SIGNUL zone.


Launching Apps

One of our favourite applications is to have SIGNUL launch Apps when entering a zone. Specifically, launch Spotify, Rdio, or Pandora when you leave home, or get near the SIGNUL in your car. The interface for this is super-simple, and we allow you to submit suggestions for our supported App list right inside the SIGNUL App!

App Launch Interface


Automation and IFTTT

During the Indiegogo Campaign for SIGNUL, there was no question that automation and the ability to integrate with web services, Arduino’s, and Raspberry Pi’s was big in our early adopter community.

Also, our #1 requested feature and feedback from the campaign was integration with IFTTT (if-this-then-that) so we set out on a mission to get access to the API so that we could build a channel for SIGNUL. This allows amazing connections to home automation systems like SmartThings, WeMo, Philips Hue, and Wink, but also opens up a world of API access to Facebook, Google Docs, Dropbox, and more. One of our coolest early projects was to create a timesheet system that automatically enters rows into a Google Spreadsheet when we enter and leave the office!

Integration with external API’s is pretty much wide open via the Automation Task provided in SIGNUL. It’s super simple – provide an endpoint, and we’ll hit it when you enter or leave SIGNUL zones:

Automation Task


IFTTT integration is similarly easy – you simply create and log into a SIGNUL account (right in-app) and then specify which SIGNULs you would like to register with IFTTT. After that, your SIGNUL beacons are available in IFTTT to use as triggers for any reactions you can dream up:


Integration with IFTTT


Shipping Soon!

We’ve got a few more tweaks and buffs to go into the Apps (Android is coming up right behind iOS – don’t worry!) and then it’s off to the App Store. Our target is to submit before the end of January to have the Apps ready for our early supporters as the first SIGNUL kits leave later this week.

Thanks once again for your support, and we hope that you’re as excited about SIGNUL as we are!