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Let the programming begin…..

Uploading SIGNUL firmware onto the IoT Core

Uploading SIGNUL firmware onto the IoT Core

SIGNUL is based on the IoT Core, which is a Bluetooth Low Energy module developed by our team at the IoT Design Shop.

We’ve built custom iBeacon firmware for our board which also carries the ‘SIGNUL protocol’ which allows us to embed extra metadata to enhance the user experience in the SIGNUL App by providing a more automated detection and setup system.

Today, we began programming all the boards for the 3D printed perks which will be shipping soon!



Signul Updates – CNC Prototyping

Hey everyone – fast and furious over here!

We’ve rounded the corner into focusing on our plastics and prep work for the SIGNUL form factor. The goal is to make a high quality, durable case for SIGNUL beacons that doesn’t cost an excessive amount to produce. As we expected, there are challenges and compromises to be made, but things are progressing nicely.

CNC Prototyping

CNC Prototyping

The shot above is our “Shopbot CAM” which we’ve got trained on our CNC machine which is being used to develop functioning prototypes of the enclosures. For those of you that selected the proof enclosures as an Indiegogo perk – they’re coming! On track for Jan 2015.

3D printing of the early perks is also still progressing. We’ve been challenging our Flash Forge’s and Makerbots to produce, and they have been cranking away on beacon enclosures at least 12 hours a day. The next batch will be shipping next week, so keep an eye on your mailbox!


Preview Kits In Production!

3D Printed SIGNUL Beacons are beginning to ship out now!

3D Printed SIGNUL Beacons are beginning to ship out now!

We’re pleased to announce that SIGNUL has hit an important pre-production milestone! Our first batch of 3D printed kits shipped out a couple weeks ago to our Erli Bird Beta Contest Winners!

We’ve been refining the prints based on feedback and testing and are getting our second round of 3D printed SIGNULs into production. So far, they’ve turned out great, but need a few tweaks to improve our build times so that we can satisfy a greater volume of units going forward!

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support. SIGNUL is looking great!